A few months ago, during an EGP meeting, one of our partners came up with the following question: “what would you be looking at if you were to run a due diligence on a third-party fund management company (ManCo)?”

As directors sitting on the boards of Luxembourg domiciled funds and/or ManCos we were both intrigued as to the context and eager to dig into the topic with our colleague.

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ESG Governance: Board and Management Roles & Responsibilities

Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

Posted by Jurgita Ashley, Thompson Hine LLP, and Randi Val Morrison, Society for Corporate Governance, on Wednesday, November 10, 2021

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Thought Leadership Contribution: BOARD COMPOSITION – Old and New Challenges!

Why another article now about Board Composition?

We are living in challenging times and it is not only the geopolitical situation that has changed dramatically. It is evident that the rate of acceleration of technological developments continues its relentless increase. Business models constantly need to be assessed and, in many cases, re-defined.

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Thought Leadership Contribution: Why Independent Directors?

With ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) having become such a significant focus in the Asset Management world, and in many cases the main driver for change and challenge, are Funds and IFMs (ManCos and AIFMs) paying enough attention to their own Governance structures?

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