European Governance Partners (EGP) is a partnership of independent industry professionals with extensive experience in senior management business and control functions.

EGP is convinced that strong Corporate Governance is the central factor for conducting a long-term sustainable and successful business.

Our clients are non-listed and listed companies in the financial and non-financial industry, Management Companies, AIFMs, Fund structures, Corporates, Family Offices, Non-Profit Organizations and Trusts.

To promote strong Corporate Governance at the centre of enterprise management and decision making.To provide independent advice, experience, guidance and best practice oversight to support the Company.

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„Investment in knowledge pays best interests.“

Benjamin Franklin

EGP´s approach to services is to bring pragmatic solutions to complex situations in the light of best practice and regulation.


more than 160 years of experience


100% registered with CSSF and/or certified independent Directors


governance mandates of the team: over 550 bn Euros

We regularly take part in industry events and regular trainings in order to keep up to date and learn as well as share best practice. Some of our partners got Certified in Corporate Governance by recognized institutions.

"There is only one proof of ability: doing."

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

"Every long march begins with the first step."

Lao Tzu

Any of our partners will be happy to enter into discussion with you.

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European Governance Partners G.I.E.
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